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About Us

The iOfficeCentre software was designed having the business owners and staff in mind. Before the days of the digital revolution, these organizations are saddled with bundles of administrative burdens, endless paperwork and shelves crammed with files. In 2008, Aquarius Soft launched iOfficeCentre and had since benefited more than hundred over clients in Singapore. After refining the system along the way through rounds of consultations with our clients, we are proud to introduce a total of more than 50 modules, each inter-facing well with one another to create a highly comprehensive, user-friendly and stable system for all our customers.

More about what we do

At Aquarius Soft, we are not only inspired to make school management seamless, we continually develop business solutions to enable efficient processes and raising our clients’ productivity is one of our biggest goals. We are also designers of software systems that play an integral part in reducing your business cost and streamlining your administrative, human resource and security processes. Our development team is also equipped to provide web consultancy and design services.

We are set up to empower you in building successful businesses through providing customized and comprehensive software solutions which is highly essential in enabling you to manage both your internal and external stakeholders.

Our Passion

We are passionate about designing human-centric software solutions that will suit your personal and business needs. To deliver the best results, we are committed in making time and effort to listen and understand all your underlying needs.

Our competitive edge lies in our ability to develop customized solutions, as we believe that every business is unique and requires a touch of innovation. Our responsive customer service and support eliminates your frustrations in getting help whenever and wherever you need it, since it is just a buzz or click away.

Why Choose iOfficeCentre?

Supported by Accomplished Software Designers

iOfficeCentre is supported by a team of accomplished designers with capabilities in creating software modules that helps corporations streamline their administrative, marketing and human resources processes. From the start of our journey till this day, we have served over 500 clients, ranging from SMEs to MNCs, to multiple government agencies.

Relevant and Wide Industry Experience

Since Aquarius Soft launched iOfficeCentre in 2008, we have acquired almost 30 schools and agencies as our customers. As part of our promise to existing and potential customers, we endeavor to constantly improve our capabilities and user-interface to create a better experience. Having worked with a wide array of customers, ranging from enrichment schools, tuition agencies, music/art/sports schools, we are truly well poised to respond to your needs.

iOfficeCentre : A system designed for productivity

We understand that our clients struggle to handle manual tasks on a daily basis, range from monitoring attendance, applying and approving leave, managing claims and payrolls. Our system has the ability to streamline these workflow and processes through automating and managing them more efficiently. With this in place, it will drastically help to reduce the number of man-hours allocated to administrative and operational activities.

Our system also enables our clients to consolidate and access all these information via mobile devices at anywhere and anytime. Helping our clients improve productivity through saving time and resources is one of the key objectives that we are committed to delivering.

Complete Range of Solutions

The iOfficeCentre is complemented and supported by a larger eco-system of software modules developed by Aquarius Soft since 2002. We are currently equipped to offer a total of more than 50 customisable modules, each having the ability to inter-face seamlessly with one another to create a highly comprehensive, user-friendly and stable system for all our customers.

A Committed Partner

The team at Aquarius Soft is committed to better serve our customers through continually exploring innovation solutions and adapting them into new products or upgrades that are relevant in improving your business. We are looking forward to work together with you to grow your business and to become your preferred partner in taking care of all your software needs.

In our own words

Having accumulated a wealth of experience with Creative Technology in the arena of designing software, especially within the scope of user and device interfaces, I took on the role as Managing Director of Aquarius Soft in 2006. Since then, one of the main differentiating factors embedded in the software we develop is that they are created with the objective of empowering the day-to-day user behind the computer screen. I truly believe that every software solution needs to be designed with the needs of the users in mind, thereby being elegantly human. With that conviction, the iOfficeCentre software was birthed. As we continue to journey on together, I am personally committed to improve its performance, stability and user-friendliness to ensure that a highly customer-centric product and service is being delivered to all our clients.

Robin Choo,
Managing Director
Aquarius Soft

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