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Everything you need

for office & building security

Visitor Tracking

Features includes:
  • Print evacuation list

  • Contact tracing

  • Barring visitors

  • Pre-registration

  • Item issue & return

  • Custom visitor type

  • Custom visitor fields

  • Custom visit fields

  • Custom visitor pass

  • Visitor in notifications

  • Visitor not out alerts

  • Auto sign out visitors

Incident Reporting Module

Features includes:
  • Multiple photos per incident

  • Email to site management

  • Viewable by site management

  • Change history

  • Mobile app for submitting incident

Occurrence Recording Module

Features includes:
  • Change history

  • Subject templates

  • Occurrence templates

Guard Tour Module

Features includes:
  • Multi-sites support

  • Multi-routes per site

  • Multi-locations per route

  • Clock in with QR code, Photo and GPS location

  • Email/SMS exception alerts

  • Exceed duration exception

  • Location skipped exception

  • Incorrect sequence exception

  • Tour ended prematurely exception

  • Mobile app for clocking

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